We've got a little announcement to make..

For those of you who follow us on social media, you might have noticed that our food posts have been a bit more American themed lately. Well that's because WE'RE OPENING AN AMERICAN DINER IN GATESHEAD and we are soooooo excited to finally be able to share our news with you. Think juicy burgers, saucy hotdogs, grilled sandwiches, mac n cheese, waffles, fries, milkshakes, man vs. food style challenges.. AND all 100% VEGAN! *wipes drool*

We've been in the catering business for a few years now and one thing we've noticed is that the North East vegan scene is seriously lagging behind. Edinburgh, Brighton and London are the big players in the vegan game and we thought it was about time the North East ramped it up. So here we come!

While Newcastle could do with a few more modern vegan eateries, we've decided to stay away from the City and turn our attention to Gateshead instead. After all, Grumpy Panda Food was born and bred here. We can't give the exact location away yet, but just know that we'll be in the city centre and not necessarily where you would expect.

We don't have any more information for you right now (sorry!) but keep an eye out on our Facebook/Twitter/Instagram for the latest details.