Hawwt Dawwgs (Vegan)

Reckon you’re a seitan pro? Yeah us neither but if you can handle our basic batch of seitan then give these bad lads a whirl. Our fairground favourite, these franks make a cracking hotdog as well as a decent sausage for just about any occasion. 

  • 500g-1kg raw seitan
  • Finger rolls
  • Favourite toppings
  • Curly fries (durh)


Cut your raw seitan into chunks as you would normally, broth on to simmer, beer in the fridge. Kneed the seitan lightly and roll into sausages, you can use cheese cloth but for a really tight, even sausage we use cling film, pinching and rolling the ends. Simmer the franks as you would regular seitan, until firm then let cool slowly.

Curly fries cooking? Course they are we trust you. Pan fry the franks with soy, Worcester sauce and a little bbq sauce before putting them to bed in your finger rolls, a little mustard, ketchup, pickles and tuck in. It’s perfect how it is, but treat it like a base, add anything and everything to it.