I see you shiver with antici...


Those of you who know us personally will know we're HUGE fans of Richard "let's do a physical" O'Brien and The Rocky Horror Picture Show, so when the chance came up to be front row for the stage show in Sunderland yesterday, we were absolutely thrilled!

If you're a Rocky Horror fan yourself, you've probably already heard how crazy the touring stage show can get, it's certainly no average trip to the theatre! Audience participation is key, and the Sunderland crowd certainly didn't let the cast down last night. Brilliantly bad heckles, rice throwing, water pistols and many encores of the Time Warp made for a truly unforgettable night! 

Rewind back to last week when I was panicking about our (lack of) costumes. Now, the audience are encouraged to don their best RHS attire - cue the 6ft tall burly men in nothing but corsets, suspenders and pearls walking the streets of Sunderland without a care in the world - but unfortunately I'd left it too late to order appropriate corsets so I had to get creative.. did someone say tighty whitey's and fishnets? Perfect!

Being at the centre of the front row was amazing. The cast were absolutely brilliant and played off the badly timed heckles with ease, I imagine it must get tiring for them but they did a fantastic job and gave back as good as they got!

I was a bit dubious about Diana Vickers playing the role of Janet Weiss (originally Susan Sarandon), but she was great and really got into the character. For me, Dominic Anderson *drool!* as Rocky Horror was even better than the original (Peter Hinwood) and although no one can possibly compare to the fabulous Tim Curry, Liam Tamne took on the role of Frank N Furter perfectly - he's probably my second favourite stage show Frank, just behind David Bedella. Richard Meek was our Brad, Kristian Lavercombe our Riff Raff and Steve Punt our narrator - a very talented cast!

I'm still recovering from last night, but I'm already on the lookout for tickets to the next show! Find yours here http://rockyhorror.co.uk/tour

Don't dream it, be it!